After several weeks, Tom, Cami and Jared have finally escaped the burning theater. It looks kind of bad, doesn’t it? That’s a lot of fire.

One thing that I enjoyed most about this part of the store is that Jared and Tom are walking around in a building ENGULFED by fire, wearing cardboard boxes and being completely casual about it.

The truth of the matter was, having the costumes catch on fire during those strips seemed like an unnecessary pit stop. I thought it would be funnier if I used it to punctuate their escape.

Tom has a pretty poor record record when it comes to maintaining these cardboard costumes of him. So far he’s three for three. You think he’d pick a better construction material.

Things are starting to wind down now. We’ll deal with the ramifications of the theater fire in the next few strips. After that, who knows?

Sorry for these persistent delays. I keep trying to add more to the comics and they’re taking longer and longer for me to do. As I noted on Twitter earlier in the week, if this comic was in black and white, you would have had it on Monday! Funny, right?

As it is, I stayed up until 2:00 am last night putting the finishing touches on this strip. The shading, the lighting, the effects. I had to figure out what the outside of the theater looked like for a background shot that will never be used again.

Efficiency at it’s finest!

More comics to come. Thanks for your patience!

↓ Transcript
I can't believe we got out of there ALIVE!

I can't believe we got out there without your costume catching fire!

What do we do now?


Well, we should probably want to find a dumpster full of aloe vera and soak in that for a while?...