Apologies for the gross lateness of today’s comic. I had a problem with my internet connection Thursday night and couldn’t upload it. Then, on Friday night, my parents came over to the house for dinner and conversation after being on vacation for a week and I was further delayed.

I wish I had a large, profound blog post for you right now. But I don’t – which is a shame, because I would love nothing more than to talk to you about Iron Man right now. Cami and I saw it on Thursday night and LOVED it.

I have a review written for the movie and I will most likely post it Sunday. So you’ll get the full scoop then.

I could literally talk about it for hours and probably will during The Triple Feature podcast on Monday night. So you have that to look forward to as well. No reason burning everyone out on Iron Man discussion just yet.

Here’s to you and yours and hopefully you all have a great weekend.

See you here on Monday. Take care.

↓ Transcript
Well, we made it. Geeze, look at that line!

Cool costume, mister!

Wanna see something really cool?

Check it out! Homemade repulsors!

I made 'em with some old sparklers I found in the garage.

Whoops! That's not good!

One ticket to Iron Man and a large cup of ice, please.