I don’t have a lot to say about this strip except that I was really psyched to deliver the punchline and extremely psyched out about how I would illustrate it.

It seems like every time I do one of these little story lines, I end up plotting something out that I’ve either A.) Never drawn before or B.) Have drawn, but suck at drawing correctly. In this case, it’s option B. and the offending item is the car. I SUCK at drawing cars.

Do you remember being in middle school, sitting in home room next to the guy that was drawing, like, A PERFECT Ferrari Testarossa? Yeah, I was never that guy. I don’t have an engineer’s mind. Nine times out of ten, if you ask me to draw a car, I’ll draw a bubble with wheels and happy people inside, laughing.

Also, the sun will have visible rays and a smiley face.

That said, I’m pretty happy with how the car turned out in today’s comic. Didn’t use a picture for reference or nuthin’! I suppose I should do arcs like these more often. It forces me to develop in different ways.

I’m starting to get REALLY pumped up about Iron Man. Reviews are starting to come in and I’m doing my best to resist them. But the headlines I’ve been reading at least have been VERY positive.

I bought tickets the other night to the 8:00 PM screening Thursday night and here’s the evidence…

Iron Man tickets

…and before you say it, I agree that $8.75 for a movie is frakking ree-donk-u-lous. And, yes, I do think my glasses make me look like a sexy nerd.

Probably the thing that has me most excited about seeing the film tomorrow is that I got Cami to go along with me. I mean, it was pretty much inevitable that she would see the movie with me at some point, but I thought she would take a pass on an early screening because… I don’t know… because she would have work the next day? Because it’s hard to find a babysitter for Henry on a Thursday night? There was literally any number of acceptable excuses she could have used.

But she didn’t! My sister-in-law is coming by the house Thursday night to hang out and watch Henry while Cami and I wade in up to our elbows in nerd juice. It’ll be great!

With any luck, I’ll get to see the movie a few times before the end of the week is up. Cami is leaving for DC on a business trip Sunday, so I won’t have any free time next week to see it on my own. Either way, I’ll be back here on Friday with my reactions. I promise to try not and spoil it for anyone.

Wish me luck!

↓ Transcript
Your costume is too bulky! You'll never fit into my car wearing it! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE MOVIE!