So here’s the follow up to the cliffhanger I left you with on Friday – the continuation of Tom’s misadventures after sharing spoiler information about Zombieland on Twitter.

Friday’s comic was based on real-events. Things from this point on are entirely fictional. I felt compelled to share that just in case anyone was confused.

In case you happen to be new to the site, this isn’t the first time the Nerd Police have slapped the irons on Tom. Their first appearance was WAAAAYYYY back in 2005 when Jared rats him out for confusing Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy with Doctor Who. Much hilarity ensues.

I had been looking for an excuse to bring the Nerd Police back, even though the characters undergo no development in any way, shape or form. They’re just a couple of nameless thugs with horn rim glasses and I like ’em that way! The concept is funny, at least. Well, funny to me, I guess.

Anyway, not much else to talk about with this comic except to say stay tuned for Wednesday’s comic and watch where the story line goes.

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We took last week off after my hard drive crashed and Gordon had a biopsy taken off his tongue which left 5 stitches in his mouth. Good times!

But this week I know we’ll at least be talking about Zombieland and probably more. Also, I know that Joe just got back from Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, so maybe he has some stories to share about that.

So be there to listen LIVE at 9PM CST. Participate in the live chat, ask us questions and even get on air with us (if you are so inclined.) We hope to see you there!

↓ Transcript
I'm walkin' on sunshine! Whoaaa-oh!


Who is it?




What?! Why?!

We had a report of a 24-19.

"Spoilers while Tweeting."