I had a hard time with today’s comic largely because I didn’t want it to be a retread of the same joke I wrote when I first introduced Judge Cann 4 years ago.

But at the same time, bringing Tom to Nerd Court was necessary to move the plot forward. And if Tom is going to be in Nerd Court, he’s going to be in front of Judge Cann – because I couldn’t think of another name-that-sounds-the-same-as… name that would elicit that kind of response from anyone.

You know how it goes. If someone references “Khan” or anything that remotely sounds like “Khan,” the proper response is always “KHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!”

It just is. Don’t refute me.

Anyway, I think the joke worked out in the end with Gordon getting it wrong. I kind of wanted Judge Cann to hold him in contempt of court in Friday’s strip. But I also want to put a cap on this arc sooner rather than later. And besides, as evident from the original strip I linked to above, it’s funnier if Judge Cann doesn’t know why he’s persistently greeted with “KHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!” when people learn his name.

There’s not much more for me to talk about today except that I encourage you to download and listen to Monday’s recording of The Triple Feature. I think we had a really good show. We talked about Joe’s recent appearance at Baltimore Comic Con as well as comic book conventions in general. Joe also spoke briefly about Couples Retreat and Gordon discussed the advanced screening he caught of Where The Wild Things Are.

The rest of the show we spent talking about Zombieland, with my own dramatic re-telling of the minor Twitter controversy I instigated while watching the film – which ties directly into the story line you’re reading right now.


If you’re an iTunes user, you can subscribe to The Triple Feature by following this link. Or if you’d rather follow us with your RSS reader, you can do so by following this link. As always, you can also download the individual shows from The Triple Feature home page.

One last thing I’ll mention: I know this is short notice, but I forgot to mention it on Monday…

If you’re in the Des Moines area, please come to The Des Moines Social Club at 1408 Locust St. at 8:30 where I will be interviewed for The JG Faux Show. The show is performed in front of a live audience and I don’t think it’s broadcast anywhere else. But I’ll see if I can bring my video camera and maybe post the interview to YouTube.

I’m a little nervous to do the show because I’ve talked to people who have been on it. They’ve told me to prepare to be embarrassed. But I volunteered myself. So I guess I have no one else to blame.

But anyway, if you’re in town, come check out the show. I could use a few people in my corner.

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon!

↓ Transcript
Nerd Court is now in session. The honorable Judge Richard Cann presiding.

Please be seated.


Is that "Khan" spelled like Genhis Khan?

Because if it is, that's awesome.


We're in Nerd Court and he doesn't go for the obvious Noonien Singh reference?

Now THAT'S a crime.