I know that I did a comic about Zombieland last Monday. But since I had an opportunity to actually see the film on Wednesday, I had to do another comic about it today.

Y’see, what’s depicted in today’s comic is based on real events. Allow me to explain.

I went to a 12:30 showing of Zombieland on Wednesday and I was the only guy in the theater except for one other dude that was sitting in front of me.

I’m not a big fan of zombie movies. I don’t like gore and I don’t like cheap “GOTCHA!” scare tactics. So I busted out my iPhone and started updating to my Twitter account to distract me from some of the carnage on screen and the anxiety that was building up inside of me as I waited for the next zombie attack.

This is not normally something I would do during a movie. But, like I said, I was having anxiety attacks and there was only one other guy in the theater with me.

If you take the long view, Zombieland isn’t all that gory or scary. At least not after the first act. Once it gets it out of its system, the film makes room for more pop culture zingers and character development.

At any rate, something happens in the second act that I thought was AMAZING and I tweeted about it – generally lamenting that I wasn’t watching the film with a larger audience because it would have been neat to see their reaction.

Checking my phone maybe 15 minutes later, I saw a bunch of reply tweets from people like Gordon McAlping Multiplex and Paul Southworth from Not Invented Here having a conniption fit because what I tweeted about was apparently spoiler material.

Now, in my defense, I had read a few reviews of Zombieland and was already aware of this spoiler, so I didn’t think I had done anything wrong by mentioning it. But as more and more people began to reply with sarcastically toned “Thanks a lot, Tom!” tweets, I knew I had stepped in it.

I made reparations quickly. I deleted the offending tweet and asked forgiveness. Shortly thereafter, people started to pack away their torches and pitchforks.

Now, you know me… I’m not exactly the guy known for flinching when it comes to giving away spoilers. But I genuinely felt bad about this one because a.) the movie has been in theaters less than a week and b.) the event I got so excited about is so thoroughly awesome, I really, really, REALLY want people to check out Zombieland to experience it on their own.

Obviously, I won’t go into any more details than that. So I STRONGLY encourage you to see Zombieland if you already haven’t and – if you go – don’t do what I do. Don’t see it by yourself. Take a bunch of friends and see it with a large audience. Because I have a sneaking suspicion the movie will pay dividends if you do.

By the way, be sure to stay through the credits for an extra scene. You won’t regret it.

So, as I have now deftly danced through my explanation of today’s comic, I plan on using my faux pas as inspiration for a short storyline! As you can see, there is the tiny “To Be Continued…” disclaimer at the end of today’s strip and I think you’ll like where things are going.

I hope Gordon doesn’t mind his unauthorized cameo, but I’m sure if you visit his excellent comic Multiplex, he will forgive me. Be sure to contribute to his fund raising efforts to put together the first print collection of Multiplex, too!

That’s all I have for today. Be sure to check us out on Monday for the continuation of the story line!

Have a great weekend!

↓ Transcript
Just got back from Zombieland.

Totally couldn't believe what happened when they got to California. Two words...

Spoilers, you idiot.