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  1. David

    Hey, I was just wondering if you were still working through the prints for people that donated when your hard drive went kaput? I wouldn’t have minded donating with nothing in return but I had been quite looking forward to getting a drawing done!



    • Tom


      I am very much still working on the donation drive sketches – I even took a day off from work last week to knock a few down. I try to work on donation art a little bit each night. Some nights I make more progress than others, but between my 9 to 5, raising Henry and going to night school, there’s barely been time to take care of myself!

      I know it has taken a very long time for me to complete this work and I apologize. But you WILL get the artwork you donated for. I promise. I couldn’t live with myself if I was viewed as having taken the money and ran.

  2. Nate

    Today’s’ comic equal pure gold

  3. M. Ferric

    Love the comic, love this ending.

    As for shirts, I liked the Movie Law/ Sean Bean shirt, and think you should continue a trend like that. Maybe a new law, like how John Cusack needs a rain scene in all his movies. That would be amazing.

  4. Jedi

    Nice way to work in a punchline. Awesome.

    How about a Theater Hopper t-shirt? The logo and main characters on the front, and your URL in small print on the back right below the collar. I would wear one! And it could be bonus advertising too.

  5. David

    great comic.

    also, for kicks, i have to say: t-shirt with just this one word: “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”
    ahahahaha. yay bad Star Wars quote.

  6. totalmoviefreak

    Yay punch line! I almost forgot what they sounded like. lol

    I still have to say the spoiler shirts are pretty awesome. I don’t know if any shirt could beat that one.

  7. Wren

    Any quotes from Long Duck Dong in Sixteen Candles would get my vote:
    “What’s happenin’ hot stuff” or “Lake. Big Lake. Rrrr, Rrrrr, Sploosh.” (Granted, I’m unsure if the last part is a true translation of the Donger, but you get the idea.)

  8. Staatz

    Hay I didn’t even notice those quotes at the bottem of the page! That’d make for a good t-shirt I recon.

  9. Steve

    Great strip today… watching Tom in every panel in the background is hilarious!

  10. TheDudeAbides

    Awesome comic today man, best one in weeks, I guffawed, really I did.

  11. tibbar

    Very, very funny. Nice job!

  12. Lance

    About the shirt thing, I think that a good Iron Man quote would be good. Just because of your obsession. lol. Maybe a Fight Club quote, or a Terminator one or something. I hope that it’s something I know about. šŸ˜›

    • Tom

      Everyone really latched on to that line from Iron Man about building his first suit of armor in a cave… with a box of scraps! I’d like to do something based off that.

      I was just watching There Will Be Blood over the weekend and was reminded how many “I drink your milkshake” shirts there were out there. I’m thinking along these lines.

  13. musicalfingers

    I dunno, Pete seems to do pretty well over at Sluggy Freelance with his strip-specific shirts (Gunman Stan McCurt and ZHOAS [zombie head on a stick] come to mind).

    I love Tom’s expressions in the background.

  14. Jason

    Great expressions and comic today !

    Quote: “You can’t f*#& with the Jesus!” (John Tutoro, The Big Labowski)

    BTW have you ever read Orneryboy? I wonder if the story line that’s been picked back up recently is reflective of his life. There are no comments so hard to tell. (Only relative to Theater Hopper in the story line element. Sorry if not the right place for such a question.)

  15. TL

    tom, quotes from Wierd Science….definitely!

    He doesn’t even have a license Lisa!

  16. alkaline-kiwi

    Heh love Tom’s expressions in the background and I think I would at least thing “Kiss each other on the mouth” when witnessing something like that.. if I would yell it out will be another thing.

    I’d buy a Theater Hopper cast shirt like someone else suggested.. and I haven’t preordered the book yet since I’m going away next month… will do that when I get back.

  17. Kevin

    “Kiss Each Other On The Mouth!” is a total win sentence, and one of your best punchlines ever! It had me laughing out load at work to the point where I had to explain and summarize the whole story-arch to some of my co-workers. I think they found the line funny, too.

  18. totalmoviefreak


    We NEED that shirt!

  19. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    Tom’s expression on the fifth panel…priceless! I want an avatar of it lol. XD

    You wouldn’t mind seeing an avatar of your characters in various site fourums, do you?

  20. Shawn

    Maybe just a shirt with nothing but great movie quotes on it ala the spoiler shirts.

  21. Kieran

    Joe Loves Crappy Movies take on the Iron Man cave joke was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years, I even saved it as my wallpaper background. Also @ Jason, I had no idea Orneryboy was back! I’m so happy! It was Michael Lalande that got me into webcomics in the first place, it’s how I discovered TheaterHopper! šŸ˜€

    • Tom

      Wow! Lots of comments to respond to! I didn’t think this comic would generate this much conversation!

      Jason — I’m a big fan of Orneryboy and was thrilled to see Michael updating again. I don’t know if the comic is at all reflective of his life, but I’m inclined to think it isn’t. I’ve exchanged e-mails with him. I think his relationship with Dirtygirl is strong. He just goes through reclusive phases.

      Kevin — Thanks for your compliments. That’s pretty cool that you had to tell your co-workers the storyline to bring them up to speed. Glad they found it funny, too.

      Link the Zora – I have no problem with people using my art as forum avatars. I’ve thought about making some myself, but I didn’t know if there was any demand for such things.

      RE: Cast shirt – I made a cast shirt a few years ago with Tom, Cami, Jared and Jimmy inside the frames of a strip of film. It sold okay, but not enough for me to stick with it, I guess. Actually, I think I think I still have some of those shirts in babydoll sizes if any of the ladies are interested!

      I might try and do another cast shirt in the future – maybe parody a popular poster design with them. But in the meantime, people really seem to be responding to “KISS EACH OTHER ON THE MOUTH!!” and I think I have a design idea for that… Stay tuned!

  22. Alexander Burns

    heh, Tom’s home-built suit was great. Maybe an image of that box-suit with a paraphrased quote along the lines of “I built this in my living room, with a box of boxes!”

  23. Lord Raa
    Lord Raa

    Didn’t Jimmy once think that Tom was mocking him when Tom wanted to see the 40-year Old Virgin?

    Or am I getting confused again?

    • Tom

      No, that’s accurate.

      But the time wasn’t right to reveal his sleeve of tattoos. After all, he was trying to be a better person, right? Why would he brag about it out of context?

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