Hey, guys. I’m trying to make a push for Theater Hopper through Reddit and wanted to let you know that a link to Monday’s comic can be found here. If you have a Reddit account, please give the link a few thumbs up or a comment to help it move up the list a little bit.

In the past, I would submit to Reddit’s main area with very little luck. But this time I’m testing out links to Reddit’s sub-category for comics under http://www.reddit.com/r/comics/. I think it will help to actually target people who WANT to read comics for a change.

By the way, if you submit one of Theater Hopper’s comics to Reddit’s Comics category, please let me know so I can promote the link here.

I would submit my own links to Reddit, but they’re pretty savvy about people who try to self-promote. I feel this approach kind of splits the difference between an authentic representation of word-of-mouth on your part and callous marketing on my part.

Whatever works, right?