So I was skimming around on today and I learned that someone Dugg my comic “Harrison Ford Never Rides Bitch” from a couple of months ago. The article had almost 2,000 other people Digg it, as well. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, actually no. It wasn’t cool because the person who Dugg the comic linked directly to the image and not back to the page in the archvie where it’s being displayed. So not only did I miss out on a huge revenue generating opportunity, I was also denied credit on the piece and people are unaware that there’s a larger site behind the comic – so it’s unlikely that I gained any new readers from the exposure. What’s worse, is because the dude linked to the image itself, it’s sucking down my bandwidth without any of the positive side effects!

So here’s the thing – you know that I appreciate it when you link Theater Hopper through the various social bookmarking outlets. But you’re doing more harm than good if you’re not linking back to the site itself. So be cool, please?

I understand that this is the nature of doing business of the web and you can’t control how people choose to disseminate your stuff. I suppose if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I need to start putting the title of the comic, my name and the URL of the site into the comic image so at least then I’m getting credit for my work if this happens again. Either that, or I need to slap some code onto my server that keeps people from directly linking to my images. Does anyone out there know how to do that? Let me know.