You weren’t expecting to see this. To tell you the truth, neither was I.

First, let me thank my friend Daniel Pelfrey from Digital Entertainment News for putting together this guest strip. Yeah, he copied and pasted a bunch of artwork. Half of it belonging to me and half of it belonging to Joe Dunn’s creation Joe Loves Crappy Movies (Joe, don’t sue!) but I’m not hung up on the art issue. What I want to share is how awesome the internet is and the great friends I’ve made through it.

Reading yesterday’s blog about how work has been kicking my ass and how I wasn’t able to cough up a comic… the internet came to my aid. Daniel was first through the gate. All he wanted to do was give back. Then I heard about the thread that opie301 started over at the Digital Pimp Online forum. He went to the trouble of soliciting talent for me. Asking the other artists in the community to lend a helping hand. Totally selfless. By the end of the day, I had 7 guest strips in my back pocket.

That’s amazing.

I mean, just when life is handing your ass back to you, friends come calling. And that means a lot to me right now.

You have no idea.

Obviously I can’t use all of the guest strips I’ve been given. But I appreciate all of them. Be sure to check here tomorrow and over the weekend for a new comic every day until I get back from Wizard World Chicago.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Daniel’s site – the excellent Digital Entertainment News for the skinny on all the recently released video games and upcoming technology across all handheld and console platforms. A great site. I go there for all my gaming needs!

See you here in 24 hours.

↓ Transcript
Where's Tom? He's late!

He got stuck at work and won't be back until maybe Monday.

Monday!? What am I going to do until then> New films open this friday!

Maybe I need new friends.