Guys, I am passing along a note from my good friend, THorum moderator and hosting provider Brian asking for your help to bring the server that Theater Hopper (and several other well known comics like Nothing Nice To Say, Rob and Elliot, Beaver and Steve, Joe and Monkey and many more) resides on.

Brian has been notified by the company that owns the server that we are FAR beyond the allowed rate of transfer – around 20Mbps at points when we should be around 1Mbit, or so.

Brian needs a monetary influx to upgrade the server to the point that we can avoid the server company imposing a transfer rate cap. A cap would greatly slow down the performance of the server and all the sites on it and we wish to avoid that.

Once we get past this growing pain, Brian is planning to launch his own hosting company, the proceeds from which should hopefully make donation requests like these a thing of the past as his company becomes self-sustaining and wildly successful.

Please donate anything you can spare, even if it’s just a dollar. I’ve already sent money onto Brian to help him pursue his dream of forming his own business and as a “Thank You” for the continued service he provides this site. He more than deserves our support for the time he has invested into the success of Theater Hopper.

Click here to submit your donations.