Okay, here’s that second post I was talking about.

First, a little background…

As part of WordPress and the ComicPress theme running behind the scene and managing the archives, I have the ability to go back and add transcripts to nearly 7 years worth of comics. Transcripts, of course, being the written dialogue from each strips typed out and captured for posterity.

The advantage of submitting transcripts to the database is that it makes the archives easier to search. So if someone wanted to find out if I made fun of Back to the Future in any of my comics, the search functionality of the site won’t have to rely exclusively on key words in the blog posts and that individual gets more accurate results.

Here’s the problem: 7 YEARS OF COMICS!

So I was thinking that I would solicit you guys for a little help. Here’s how it works:

I’ve created a new page that lists each month since August 2002. Also on that page is a list of items I will trade you in compensation for transcribing comics. Everything from shirts and books to promotional DVDs and original artwork. It’s a good mix of stuff. Different items are worth different amounts. A shirt is equal to 3 months of transcriptions, a DVD might be worth 5 months.

If you’re up to the challenge, e-mail me at theaterhopper@hotmail.com and let me know what item you want to trade for and I will assign you the months to transcribe. We can work out the details from there. Availability on certain items is first come, first serve. So don’t wait if you see something you want.

With any luck, we can put this little chore to bed in short order and improve functionality across the site that everyone can enjoy!