Jared makes a good point. I totally forgot about those “wine-shooters” we were doing before we got something to eat and then see the movie.

Guess you boys can’t hold your liquor like “Mr. Bloated Kidney”.

That’s me, by the way.

I remembered some of the other things I wanted to talk about.

Seeing comic book movies at comic book conventions is starting to become a kind of mini-tradition among our ilk. You guys might remember this comic I did regarding Aliens Vs. Predator when Zach and I went to see it during Wizard World Chicago.

I guess the next big comic book movie to hit the screen will be Fantastic Four. It comes out a month before Wizard World Chicago this year (August 5-7), but since I plan on avoiding the movie like scurvy when it’s unleashed upon an unsuspecting public, maybe the radioactive half-life on the film will have expired and we can snap it up in a dollar theater when we all assemble again.

Another couple notes of interest: Yes, Zach ∗did∗ in fact wear that very same Homestar Runner shirt. And yes, Mitch ∗did∗ in fact wear a very similar Jawbreaker shirt.

I’m nothing if not a stickler for the details!