Since today’s comic is (in part) about shadowy deception (and getting slapped crosswise), I decided to take a more stylistic approach to the buzzComix incentive sketch. Click here to see it!

I don’t really have a lot to say about today’s comic or really anything to say about Vanity Fair, for that matter. I guess some people are saying this performance could net Reese Witherspoon an Oscar nomination, but I find that hard to believe. Costumer dramas are SO 15 years ago. Yeah, Reese? 1989 called. It wants its copy of Dangerous Liaisons back.

Doesn’t Reese know the only way for actresses to win Oscars these days is to ugly themselves up? Charlize Theron in Monster, for example. Or Nicole Kidman in The Hours. For the men, playing a mentally challenged person is still the quickest way toward Oscar gold.

In any case, we’ve found ourselves in that dire cultural limbo that is the end of summer. Studios are coming off the blockbuster season and tossing nothing but garbage into the theaters as kids go back to school. The end result is very little for me to make fun of during the course of a week. Such is life!

The only movie I’m holding my breath for is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. With its 1940’s adventure serial looks, it’s right up my ally. I don’t even care that it has Gwyneth Paltrow in it!

A few notes of business. Cami wanted to thank everyone who sent her birthday wishes on Wednesday. She sincerely appreciates it and she had a wonderful day.

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See you here next week!

↓ Transcript
Look at this poster for Vanity Fair. With all that clevage, why not call it "Victorian Girls Gone Wild" and be done with it?

What a terrible way to advertise a movie.

What's the matter, Cami? Afraid you don't STACK UP against the competition.

That was uncalled for!

Tee heee!

What the?..

But I didn't even SAY anything!

Did I?