Oh, if Tom had only come prepared. He could have caught a tasty wave (literally!) and gone popcorn surfing! Ah, buzzComix incentive sketches… how I love the fanciful universe you portray. Click here to watch Tom hang ten Orville Redenbacher style!

So today is part two of our new storyline. What will this kernel catastrophe mean for our intrepid heroes? I don't know, but someone is going to have to get that push broom out of the utility closet and sweep up this mess.

It ∗is∗ true that I used to work at a movie theater. I think this much I've made clear in the past. But I would never violate the sanctity of the concessions counter and get all up in someone's business like that. Mostly because I wouldn't want to clean the popcorn popper after words. There is no job more foul.

Sometimes I think back to my tenure as a popcorn jockey and it makes me wonder at what point did I slip and hit my head for it to be okay to eat movie theater concession foods. I won't get graphic, but let's just say the sponge we used to clean out the popcorn popper wasn't exactly the cleanest.

The stuff we added to the popcorn to add flavor to the corn wasn't exactly the most savory, either. Our theater claimed to use "real butter". Well, I've seen that butter up close and it looked like a brick of lard. It was particularly disturbing after it had an opportunity to set up overnight.

And you know that orange powder they pour over the unpopped kernels? Pure salt. I think we used it to petrify rats at one point. There was a girl I worked with that would take individual popped pieces of popcorn and dip it in the stuff. No surprise she was over 300 pounds.

Sometimes I think it would have been fun to do a web comic about the trials and tribulations of working at a movie theater. But then I remember I only served about 6 months in the trenches. Not really enough experiences to stretch over the span of Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Of course, there ARE comics out there that are able to make this set up work. And because I'm feelin' frisky today, I'm linking to them. Be sure to check out both Del Mar 8 and Brainwrap Comics. Del Mar 8 has a kind of lighter style, but it's more rooted in the real-life events of the characters. Brainwrap takes a little more liberties with how the story is told, but the artwork is highly detailed and very rich. Just scroll back through the archives and you'll see what I mean. I plan on adding them to my list of regular reads once I redesign the links page.