I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails recently asking me what’s going on with Brian Carroll and his excellent comic Instant Classic. If you’ve tried to access the site the last couple of days, you’ve noticed it isn’t there and is actually pointing you to another site completely.

Since Brian and I are pals (and since it’s kind of pointless to answer the same questions through e-mail over and over), I thought I would take the initiative to explain the situation here to the fans who read BOTH Instant Classic and Theater Hopper.

Basically, Brian’s web hosting server has been screwed ever since that myDoom virus struck a little while ago. The hosting provider has been working to install new security measures and in the meantime, has disabled the server on which Instant Classic resides. Brian is basically at the mercy of his hosting provider until he gets his ducks in a row.

You might be asking yourself “Why doesn’t Brian switch hosting providers?” Well, let’s put it this way. Brian, like many hard-working college students is a bit strapped for cash. His current set up isn’t costing him a dime, so it’s difficult for him to gather the monetary resources to stake a claim with someone else. Brian’s hinted at offering advertising through the site to cover costs, but I think he’s waiting to see how the current situation pans out.

That’s pretty much all I know at the moment. I hope this helps everyone who’s been freaking out over Brian’s absence. Believe me, I’m in the same boat with you! Hopefully we’ll catch up with Kate and Author soon!