Just had a few things I wanted to announce – site related? You know the drill.

First, say “Hi” to our two new advertisers – Awaken The Witch and The Third Half. Awaken The Witch is a resource for all of your witchy needs! Lots of stuff for sale and a forum to boot. The Third Half is an interesting web comic that has fun tweaking reality. Check them out!

Remember, we still have lots of space open for you guys to advertise on. The banner at the top of the page is a great purchase. It appears on every page and it’s only $50 for 30 days! That’s a lot of bang for your buck, trust me. Besides, what other web sites publish their ad rates up front like we do? We’re interested in your business!

Also don’t forget the column and banner pools closer to the bottom of the comic. People can toss their ads in there at any time and they’re guaranteed coverage because we sell them by the number of times they’ve been viewed. We don’t have any ads in the column pool right now, so you can get some concentrated exposure since you won’t be sharing the space with anyone else.

I also wanted to call attention to some web sites I’ve decided to link to. Please be sure to check out Banish Ed, Life of Convenience and Questionable Content. All three are great sites and fun reads.

Lastly, “Hooray!” for Instant Classic who finally sorted out all of their sever problems! The site is up and running with a special message from Brian. No new comics as of yet, but expect more antics from Author and Kate this coming Monday!