As most of you are aware, next week I will be attending the Minnesota FallCon in the lovely city of St. Paul (soon I’ll be placing a banner to this effect so you’ll NEVER FORGET!)

But it dawned on me that probably 90% of the people at this con aren’t going to know who I am. I’d better pack some materials to introduce people to Theater Hopper.

What I plan on doing is just printing out a few strips and placing them in a binder for people to flip through when they stop by. Here’s where I need your help:

Help me pick which strips to include!

I think I have a pretty good idea what is funny and what isn’t, but often I get messages from people telling me “That strip was hilarious!” or “That strip was lame” and find myself diametrically opposed. So I’ve decided to remove myself from the process of selection.

If you can e-mail me your favorite strips or storylines, that would be great. If you’re interested in leaving feedback in the forum, there’s a thread already in place for that. Thanks!


Phase Two of my convention plan: Merchandising.

At the convention, I plan on selling two posters. The cast shot that I am currently selling at the site, and a BRAND NEW poster that visitors to the con will take first crack at.

It’s entirely possible that I could sell out of the first poster because there are only 30 left. So if it ever occurred to you to buy one of our first edition posters, now is the time to do it before they’re all gone. If I sell out at the convention, you’ll be S.O.L. because they will never again be reproduced.

If you’d like to order a poster, click here for more information.

This is one half of the news I wanted to give you. Check back a little later for some info about some possible downtime Theater Hopper could experience.