So like the rest of the universe, I went to see The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers on Wednesday. And if you’re one of the rare few who haven’t seen it yet, don’t be surprised when we all point and laugh at you on the street.

Need proof that everyone and their grandma saw that movie on Wednesday? All you need to do is look at the numbers. The Two Towers had the biggest one day take in movie history – $26 million in 24 hours. Wanna know who the previous record-holder was? It was The Fellowship of the Ring which raked in a paltry $18 million in the same amount of time. The Two Towers took that record and broke it over its knee!

Considering The Two Towers is almost 3 hours long, that’s quite an accomplishment!

Of course I thought the movie was great. Probably better than Fellowship because it got all the boring set-up out of the way. Two Towers just dumps you in the middle of the action and there’s about a billion more cool things to look at.

I could go on about the movie, but I’d only be mirroring other comments you’ve read in other places. Obviously judging by the theme of today’s strip, you’ll know Gollum was the star of the show. I even put together a web cam pic to reflect this opinion:

Scary, I know. But who among us doesn’t get a kick out of watching a computer-animated, shriveled troll have a conversation with himself while alternately eating fish and rabbits raw?

The cam pic is a handy segway because I wanted to let everyone know about my intentions of adding one to Theater Hopper in the near future.

Right now, you can view my ugly mug on the No Pants Tuesday cam page as well as the nexus of all things funky – Hot Buttered Funk. I figured it was about time to start hosting a few images here and archiving the old ones. I find that as I go, I put more and more effort into how these things look. I think they will be of interest to you.

Also, be on the lookout for some small adjustments to the site next week. I’m planning on implementing a poll on the front page so I can get your feedback on a few issues. We do and average of 300 to 500 unique visitors a day depending on if there’s a strip that day. I’m beginning to feel that the introduction of a forum may be warranted. But I want to hear from you first before I got to any extra work.

Jared has already been hard at work. He’s put together two flash games that we’ll be posting to the site next week. So you see, the Christmas spirit of giving is everywhere! Even online!

Is anyone else having trouble following this with that creepy picture above looking at you? I know I am.

Anyway, things are good and I’m looking forward to the holiday. And, in case anyone cares, Saturday is my birthday. I turn 25. I am THE QUARTER-CENTURY MAN.

Yay, me!

Take care, y’all!

↓ Transcript
Right now, geeks across the nation...

My precious... They stole my precious... every corner of our great land...

The thieves, the filthy little thieves!

...are doing incredibly annoying impersonations of Gollum...

Fat hobbitt... Tricksies... Ack! Ack!

...and paying the consequences.