No doubt most of you are going to see The Two Towers tonight (that is, if you already aren’t recovering from a midnight showing). I’m really looking forward to seeing it. After watching the first one over the weekend, I am sufficiently amped up.

I’m having fun this week with the Lord of the Rings, in case you couldn’t tell. It’s easy strip material and I know of at least one LOTR fan site that’s noticed my efforts. But I lost the link to it, so… damn.

Cutting the rants short today so I can detail a few plans I have for the site. Stay tuned for some new improvements including a new poll that will be over on the right hand side and also some additions to the Bonus Materials page. Jared put together something right dandy for it.

Speaking of our resident mystery man, he’s back in the house. So I’m going to let him do a little gum-flappin’.

↓ Transcript
Man, I can't believe we're in line to see The Two Towers! This is gonna be cool!

Check out that dude's excellent costume!


I've been waiting in line since last year!!!