I forgot to mention a couples of new strips I’ve added to the links page. Both of these are new entries into the world of web comics, but their creators are as nice a lemonade on a hot summer day.

Why do I feel like whistling a jaunty tune?

Anyway, be sure make Go Eat A Spamwich and Scene Rascalin’ part of your weekly reads.

Also want to send a shout out to Mitch over at Nothing Nice To Say. He was cool enough to put a link to us in his blog and we’re seeing a flood of people coming in from his site. Thanks, Mitch!

Sidenote: I checked out Go Eat A Spamwich before posting this update and they’re currently down due to exceeding their bandwidth. But you should definitely bookmark them and check them out later. Great color penciled work.

This temporary stay is no doubt the Mitch’s handiwork. He also linked to G.E.A.S.

The power one man wields… scary…