This has nothing to do with anything, but since it’s the weekend, I thought you guys might enjoy a little linkage to kick things off. runs down comparisons between some of the most obviously similar movies released in the same year. Dante’s Peak and Volcano, for example. Or A Bug’s Life and Antz. It’s pretty amazing to see how long stuff like this has been going on and how often it happens.

Incidentally, this was something we touched on by total happenstance during this Monday’s Triple Feature talkcast. So I was pretty psyched when I ran across it later in the week. What’s your favorite pair of suspiciously similar movies?

Speaking of The Triple Feautre talkcast, don’t forget that’s where you need to go to get the first clue in our Dreamgirls and Diggers free DVD giveaway. You can get the second half of the clue here. Send in the complete clue for each giveaway to with your name, age and mailing address to have your entry submitted into a random drawing. My free copies of Dreamgirls were delivered earlier in the week, so I’m picking winners on Monday. I haven’t gotten a lot of entries, so your odds are good if you throw your hat into the ring now!

Good luck and have a great weekend!