It’s always a real treat when another web comic links to your site from theirs. It’s a real validation to have your work recognized not only by fans, but by others in the industry who like what you do.

Imagine my utter pants-wetting glee when upon checking my counter logs, I was deluged by hits from the main page blogs of not one, not two, but three big web comics.

Many thanks to Troy’s Bucket, Nothing Nice to Say and, in a surprise revelation, Something Positive for giving me notice on their sites today.

A link back on my end is but a small gesture. One not truly indicative of my appreciation. Please check out all three sites and let them know their awesomeness is far-reaching.

And, as long as I’m directing traffic, everyone should be sure to check out LINKS

No Pants Tuesday. Zach finally got it together and purchased himself a fancy new domain. You can now find him at (appropriately) Be sure to pay him a visit and check out the new strip he put up today.