Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist over today’s strip, keep in mind that I ran this joke by my wife first and she thought it was hilarious. Just goes to show how awesome she is. If you’ve got a problem, write Dear Abby.

I’m exhausted right now from spending several hours in the car. I was in Kansas City over the weekend for a wedding. That was fine. Just the drive down and back sucked. Cold and cloudy both ways. I had trouble staying awake. It makes a long drive that much more insufferable no matter how many games of I Spy you play.

I’m sad to say I haven’t been to many movies recently. August is always a dumping ground to me. Don’t believe me? Look in the paper? Does anyone want to see Pluto Nash? I didn’t think so.

So I sat and thought about some of the movies I’m looking forward to seeing this year. I just got my Entertainment Weekly with the Fall preview inside. Thumbing through it, I can see there is hope.

For some reason, Moonlight Mile has captured my attention. I don’t know if it’s because I hold great faith for Jake Gyllenhaal after Donnie Darko, or if it’s because of the trailer. Granted, it’s not shy about it’s ambitions to yank your heartstrings right out of your chest, but any role that will corers an earnest performance from Dustin Hoffman (instead of the loudmouth wankers he’s been playing lately) is a plus in my book.

Red Dragon has piqued my interest as well. From what I’ve heard, Anthony Hopkin’s Lecter isn’t in the movie much, so it might not be an greedy attempt to cash in on the brand. Plus, it’s written by Ted Tally (who won an Oscar for The Silence of the Lambs) and his script stays closer to the book than Manhunter did. Throw in Ed Norton and Ralph Fiennes for good measure and I think it will work. My only reservation? Brett Ratner from the Rush Hour franchise is in the directors seat.

Other films I’m interested in:

The Ring, Bowling for Columbine, Die Another Day, Solaris, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Catch Me if You Can, About Schmidt, Star Trek: Nemesis, Punch-Drunk Love, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Those are the films I HAVE to see. There are a few others that I’m kinda interested in seeing, but those are more likely peer-pressure movies — movies you see so you can have something to talk about with everyone else who saw them. Harry Potter?… I’m looking in your direction.

Last thing I’ll mention, I’m having trouble logging into the forums. I don’t know if any of you are having the same problem, but when I enter my username and password, this is the information I get:

Ikonboard CGI Error


Ikonboard has exited with the following error:

Undefined subroutine &BoardsView::birthday called

This error was reported at: Sources/ line 153.

Please note that your ‘real’ paths have been removed to protect your information.

If any of you are having the same problem, please let me know. If not, and this phenomenon is completely unique to me, please point me in the right direction toward getting it fixed. I’d really like to get back into the fray. We’ve had a lot of new people register and things are starting to pick up in there.

Thanks and see you Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
I went to see Blue Crush by myself this weekend. What a mistake that was!

I thought I'd treat myself to a tale of girl-empowerment. Instead I was stuck in a theater surrounded by a hundred sweaty fifteen year olds! Every time a girl in a bikini came on screen, they all stared at me! It was really creepy.

My eyes are up here, buster!