Ignore the science of today's strip. I don't know if jaundice causes your hair to fall out or eyes to bulge, but I do know it will color you skin. It's a visual joke, so just roll with the punches.

Really all I know about jaundice is that baby's get it sometimes because they don't have enough iron in their blood, right? They give them pills for that, I think?

...reason #1024 I didn't go to med school.

All things the same, it should be known I'm a hard-core Simpsons fan. Before they started putting out complete seasons on DVD, I was taping episodes from syndication. I think by the time the first season had been release, I had accumulated about ten 6-hour tapes. I had a lot of friends borrow and dub those tapes. I could have made a killing selling my episodes commercial-free and burned to DVD-R if I were a little more quick on the uptake.

...reason #563 I didn't become a small-time hustler.

To those who were unaware, I was finally able to get back into the forums. What quark of fate allowed this to happen I can't isolate, but it's good to be back.

Right now I'm working on integrating the look of the forums a little closer to the rest of the site. So this means if you start seeing similar graphics, colors or fonts from what you're used to, you aren't hallucinating. It's intentional.

I'm also working on incorporating Blogger to the main page so that Jared can make updates just as I do. If you go to any other comic site, you'll know what I'm attempting to do.

The snare I'm caught on at the moment is getting the archived blogs to sync up with prior toons. I want to make it so you can read these posts with the appropriate strip. If you have any tips, send them my way.

Things with the site are going pretty well. We're into our third week of production and have accumulated over 1,100 unique hits. I think that's pretty good for coming out of nowhere. Of course, I have you to thank.

Keep coming back to the site. Jared and I are working out a plan to post some of our old "battle comics" from when we were in junior high. It'll probably be tied to a donation objective - i.e. Users donate "x" amount of money and we post the old toons for all to see. So anyway, start loosening those wallets.

I'll be back here soon...