So the first week of Theater Hopper has come to a close. I have to say it’s been a moderate success. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site. Here’s to many more hits in my counter. Er, I mean… laughs and ever-loving friendship! Yea, that’s the ticket!

Today’s strip is basically an indication of how badly my wife doesn’t want to see XXX.

That’s right, I said wife. I really haven’t made any attempt to explain it in the past, but like most strips, the characters are representative of real people in my life. The blond haired fella is supposed to be me, the woman (obviously) is my wife Cami. She asked to be in a strip and she got her wish.

The brown haired dude you saw in the last two strips was the toon alter-ego of my good friend Jared. As far as I know, he never asked to be immortalized in four-color glory, but sometimes life throws us curve balls, y’know?

Whether or not these are the names of the characters, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I may end up giving them different names down the line – I may just leave them nameless. If you have an opinion in the matter, post it in the forums. Better still, you can now e-mail me at I finally got Microsoft Outlook to work, so I can now receive all your comments.

Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions on how to make the site better, I’m more than willing to listen. I’m thinking about adding a section underneath the blog area for movie news. If you can think of any other features I can add, send them in.

One last bit of business and then I’ll let you go about your merry way.

I’ve got to give major shout-outs to a few people who linked to me in their news blogs and for whom I would like to return the favor. Each of them run awesome strips and you need to check them out immediately.

Muchos gracias to:

Zach Miller of No Pants Tuesday
Zach of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Mike and Aric of Fish Strips
Sean of Force Monkeys

Regular gracias to these fellas for being such extra nice guys:

Eric Drobile of Mall Monkeys
David Stanworth of Snafu
Carrington Vanston of Movie Punks

↓ Transcript
It's Friday night - New movie night. Who's ready for a little triple X action?

*wink, wink*

Stop right there.

Pornography is demeaning to women. It's treats them as objects instead of people and skews impressionable minds with unrealistic, unnatural and unhealthy depictions of sex. To even suggest we see something like that sickens me. In fact, I may actually throw up.

Actually, I was talking about the new Vin Diesel movie.

Oh. You want to see that?

I'd rather watch the pornography.