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  1. David

    I went with my little brother to see it yesterday. We caught an early 2D screening, as I saw no reason to shade my eyes from the beautiful colors of the film. My brother had only ever seen it on VHS and DVD before, so he really enjoyed seeing some of the scenes on the big screen in all their glory (such as the stampede, or scar leaping through the flames at Simba at the end).

    I wonder if the next release will be in holographic form instead of 3D? hah! And I’ll still seek out the 2D version. 🙂

  2. Alexander Burns

    I made a sports joke last week. The local baseball team made the playoffs. “So there’s only, what, 40 games left, right?” And it turns out there actually are potentially almost 40 games left. I need to up the number.

  3. daniel

    Well played, sir.

  4. Kris

    Yeah…I’m not thrilled because I can take a kid to see it. I’m thrilled because ~I~ can go see it again in theaters. I LOVE this movie. Screw the kids. I’m stoked it’s back in theaters. A friend and I are going to try to see it this week before it’s gone.

  5. Kris

    And oh yeah, I know it would have exceeded your panel limit there, but it was rereleased several years ago in IMAX theaters, too.

  6. Wiredwizard

    I’ve never seen The Lion King…

  7. Mark Monl;ux

    Have you no faith in Head-in-Jar technology?

    • Tom

      I sunk all my money in cryogenics.

  8. Kris

    Good news everyone. The 3D was actually pretty well done. As soon as Zazu flew onto the screen during the intro, where he looked like he was flying over the seats in the theater, I decided it was worth the extra bucks.

    • Doshi

      Really? It looked like that to you? For whatever reason, 3D screens always look like one of those shadow boxes you might see in a nature museum. The action isn’t popping out of the screen; it’s sinking into it. It’s a great effect, to be sure. But there’s still a window there, something that the effect can’t seem to get past. I much prefer the original version of the film. Now, Disney, release this thing on Blu-Ray with as many extra features as you can possibly toss in there, and I’m a happy camper.

      • Kris

        Well, there were only 3-4 parts of the entire film where the effect was that good. And that was one of them. I thought Zazu was right in front of my face. The dander flowing through the air from Simba to Rafiki also popped off the screen, but was a little dizzying. Nature effects like that happened a couple other times. Nothing else really popped off the screen.

  9. Ben

    Hi, Tom. Gotta say this is one of my favorite Theater Hopper comics. Love the evolution of feeling: youthful enthusiam in the 1st, relaxed nostalgia in the 2nd, enjoyment of a grandson’s enjoyment in the 3rd, punchline in the final. One of your best. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Tom

      Thanks, Ben. I appreciate the compliment. 🙂

  10. crazysteve5575

    It was great to go see this movie on the big screen. 3D was neat, but it was nothing spectacular. The worst part about going to this movie was the guy behind me, who thought he was better at voice over work then the original actors.

    But it was still great to see it on the big screen, I missed this one the first time around.

  11. chriswalkenspal

    Are we all erasing the 2002 re-release from history? I know I’d like to.

  12. JustPlainSomething

    The 3-D was just OK, but man does the actual film still hold up on the big screen. The opening scene was stunning.

    I’m also very, very happy they didn’t add the stupid scene they added to the DVD… if they had Lucas-ed it up, I would have been mad.

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