In all truth, Cami would probably be the LAST person to become irate at the news that the re-release of The Lion King topped the box office after 17 years. But it was funnier to suggest that Tom had a gigantic Jonathan Taylor Thomas collection.

I guess I’m not totally surprised that a re-release of The Lion King would perform as well as it did. This is September, after all. We’re all coming down from the post-summer blockbuster season. Although, I would have thought that if any movie had a chance this weekend, it would have been Drive. Maybe it’s my Ryan Gosling man-crush talking, but that movie looks cooler than cool. I would have loved to seen it this weekend if I weren’t completely wiped out from some kind of late-summer cold/flu thing that left me incapacitated. It’s a good thing I didn’t see Contagion last week or I would have felt a little paranoid!

Not much else for me to talk about this week. But, hey, since I haven’t pimped the Theater Hopper store in a while, how about this: take a look at this shirt I designed a while back called “The Movie Was Better.” I found out last week that the nerd-mavins over at ThinkGeek have a shirt of their own called “The Book Was Better.”

Now, maybe I’m biased, but I think my shirt is better. If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you feel the same way. So let’s make a pact. Buy my shirt and prove ’em wrong. Let’s face it: the design is better and it costs less money. It’s a win-win!

Plus, c’mon… ThinkGeek is producing light-up Iron Man shirts. They’re not hurting for money. Help the little guy for once, won’t you?

That’s all I got, folks. Have a great week!

↓ Transcript
Did you hear The Lion King was the number one movie in theaters this weekend?

What does it say about the state of Hollywood that a 17 year0old animated film can earn more than three new movies put together.

I don't know if it's anything to get worked up about.

Unless you're like me and are planning to cash in on your Jonathan Taylor Thomas collection on eBay!