While I have everyone’s attention, I need a little help with a problem I’m having with the coding of the Theater Hopper RSS feed.

I tried posting the code into this blog post, but WordPress tried to make the code functional. So I had to take these screencaps instead.

This is code inside the WordPress functions.php file. It’s what helps control the RSS plus other aspects of the site. This is the RSS comic display code as it currently appears:


Here is the code as I have attempted to update it:


In both cases, you want to look at the code that comes after “//foo” because that’s where I’ve made my changes.

Basically what I’m trying to do is take the code that displays the WHOLE comic in the RSS feed and place it inside a “DIV” tag as a background image. The “DIV” is sized to 265px tall – roughly half the height of the finished comic. Below it is another “DIV” with copy and a link instructing people to visit the main site if they want to see the rest of the comic.

I know I’m overlooking something small. A misplaced apostrophe, a comma or something. But I’m not familiar enough with PHP coding to troubleshoot it effectively.

Is there anyone out there that can help me with this, look over my code and provide suggestions? I would appreciate it!