I’m becoming concerned that Theater Hopper may be getting a little too big for it’s britches. I checked my server statistics for April, and we’re pressing up against 12GB in bandwith transfer. My account is only alotted 15GB.

A lot of the drain is due to the information that appears on the left and right hand side of the comic. Every time a page is called, it’s reloading that information. And while the images there are less than 1k in size, after 300,000 reloads, it all adds up.

I’m beginning to think the site will need to undergo a redesign soon. I’m reluctant to do it because I’ve yet to re-enter all of the blogs from when we converted to PHP about a month ago.

If anyone out there is proficient in web design or perhaps has some database knowledge, please contact me. If you have any tips or tricks to help me reduce bandwidth consumption. I am eager to hear those as well.