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  1. Graham Drummond
    Graham Drummond

    LOLed at today’s comic. Everyone in my office now thinks I’m crazy.

    • Tom

      I can’t do much better than awkward stares from co-workers!

      Thanks, Graham!

  2. Shawn Robare

    Nice caricature of Ron Howard. I see a lot of his brother Clint in it (the older Ron gets the more the two are starting to look alike.)

    I know my life loved the DaVinci Code, and has read the Dan Brown books, but she’s even “meh” on A&D. I don’t think people are all that invested in the character Hanks is playing, and were frankly more interested in the plot of the DaVinci Code. So this time out it’s just not as much of must see kind of thing.

  3. totalmoviefreak

    I never saw DaVinci Code so I’m not more inclined to see this one. ANd its been getting “eh” reviews that doesn’t help.

  4. aproustian

    I didn’t see the first one or read the books, but I might have to rent this one sometime just because CERN is in it.

  5. Molnek

    I work in a movie theatre and just judging by the people coming in I can tell they’re less excited for this one. For example the second you walk in we have three banners hanging down all for A&D then about 12 feet away we have the standee with the statue that follows you yet people still point at the terminator poster that’s in the corner. I’ll see it but I see everything.

  6. Kayne

    I loved the caricature of Ron Howard. It really looks like him. Tom Hanks is a hard one to nail precisely because he is an “every-man”. He is cast because of his nondescript looks but good acting ability. None of his features are overly pronounced. That being said, your caricature of him for today’s incentive sketch was excellent.

    I’m a little put off by “Angels & Demons” myself because I was not overly impressed with the “DaVinci Code”. It wasn’t that great of a story, and wandered more than I like in a movie. I’m one of the few that would have liked an even more controversial plot. The whole selling point of that movie was that it was going to shake up the church and modern Christianity with its message.

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    Big J had a wife and kid… Big whoopty-do. In the long line of Hollywood twists, this one was right up there with “The Village”… it’s not 1870, it’s today.

    ***End Spoilers***

    A sequel to a let down movie like “DaVinci Code” doesn’t inspire me much.

  7. Jonas

    The movie is basically average. If it didn’t have Hanks and Mcgregor it would be completely uninteresting. I’m a sucker for puzzle-solving, but I was rather annoyed with the “Look at Where the statue is pointing!” bit happening five times over.

  8. Gomro

    The caricatures improve every time you do them. Those two are actually pretty good,as is the incentive sketch. As for the movie: I couldn’t care less, and went to see STAR TREK again instead. So did most of the 12:40 audience, at least around here.

  9. Orpheus

    I like the ideas behind both of these movies more than I like the actual stories. Angels and Demons is definitely a better movie than The Da Vinci Code, but only because they don’t waste so much time giving us in-depth history lessons about everything.

    These movies really feel like more average versions of the National Treasure movies, which themselves seemed like Disney trying to capitalize on the Da Vinci Code craze before Ron Howard could make his movie. It’s all very circular, except that given the choice I’d rather watch National Treasure.

    • Tom

      Orpheus, your statements basically echo the conversation Cami and I had after watching the movie tonight – particularly what you said about National Treasure. Cami basically said the exact same thing. Even though the National Treasure movies are more cornball, she’d rather watch those than The DaVanci Code.

      She chalked it up partially to her inability to relate to Catholicism. Neither of us are fairly religious and setting the movie in Rome removes another cultural touchstone. We’re basically blaming ourselves for not being fully in-step with the movie. I mean, we’re not morons. But if religion is a part of your life, the movie probably means more to you.

      Even though I felt Angels & Demons was stretched out, I thought it moved at a brisk pace. I kind of felt like they were locked down by the murder sequence. I wanted them to get to the inevitable conclusion of finding the bomb. I think it helped to have events take place over the course of 4 hours.

      I don’t mind the history lessons as they bounce from location to location, but got annoyed when they felt like they had to point out little things over and over. The statues that point in a certain direction, as Jonas pointed out. Or the reminder that they were turning off power grids. I know they mentioned that at least twice.

      Some groaner dialogue from time to time, but ultimately a fun little ride.

  10. Movie Debate

    Thanks for the laugh, sometimes I wonder why we like the movies we do.

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