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  1. Mike

    I’m really surprised by how much my wife and I want to see Terminator: Salvation, mostly because we’ve never seen the first 3 movies (I know, I know – I’m a bad geek). We’re planning on watching them at some point in the next few weeks and catching the new one on the cheap. I can’t remember, though, the last time that a movie this deep into a franchise made me want to watch all previous movies before it.

  2. Jesse

    “…there are a few scenes shot inside the Vatican archives…Cami confided, ‘I wish they would have spent more time in there! I would have loved to have seen more of their old documents!'”

    They didn’t really shoot there, though. I saw an interview with Ewan McGregor where he said that the Vatican refused to let them film there and all of his scenes were done in L.A. Actually, I found a quote: “…I did most of my stuff in L.A. because my character is mainly inside the Vatican and of course, the Vatican didn’t want us to shoot inside their buildings so they built the Sistine Chapel on the Sony soundstages in L.A.”

    • Tom

      Cami and I are aware the scenes shot in the Vatican archives were sets.

      She was just expressing a greater interest in watching the Robert Langdon character doing research rather than running around the streets of Rome.

  3. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    The third Terminator was a movie I just couldn’t like. It struck a hard blow to the franchise for me, which was a tough thing to do since I hold the first two in such high regard (heck, Judgment Day was the first R-rated movie I ever saw). Still, I’ve got to give the new one a chance, it looks like it’ll stick to delivering some solid action.

    As for Angels and Demons, I actually am a little curious to watch it (despite me not having any knowledge of the series whatsoever). Probably because I’m itching for a Tom Hanks movie to watch.

  4. Manda

    Personally, the only reason I would even think of seeing Angels & Demons is because Ewan McGregor is in it; I just never really got into/ understood the whole “Divinci Code” phenomenon and it’s one of the few pop culture staples I’ve never seen nor read and have zero interst in doing so. And even Mr. McGregor isn’t enough of a draw for me to see it in the theater; I’ll probablly wait for DVD especially with all the time/money I will be spending in the theater this summer already.

    My husband and I are both really excited to see T: Salvation, however. I guess I’m just a big girl-geek…

  5. Shawn Robare

    I can’t seem to get excited about the new Terminator film. I think the thing that’s keeping me at bay is that the story is getting repetitive to the point where the tension of the main plot, man vs. machine, is getting very thin. It doesn’t help that we’ve also had flicks like the Matrix trilogy that hammer home a very similar message, where it seems like another trip back to that well is kind of boring. I’m also getting tired of the conceit that there has to be a cyborg on the “good” side. It was an awesome twist in T2, but it’s getting old.

    • Tom

      I know what you’re saying about there having to be a “good” cyborg character, but promotion up to this point says that the Marcus Wright character doesn’t know what side he’s on.

      I imagine he’ll be helpful up to a point and then some kind of programming will kick in that forces John Conner to put him down.

      I think there is also something that Conner says in the trailer that “this isn’t the future [his] mother told him about.” So maybe we have a little bit of Star Trek divergent timelines at work here?

  6. Shawn Robare

    Yeah the possible ambiguity of Marcus in the trailers is not bad, though Mr. McGinty has mentioned on a few occasions that the flick is the 1st part of a trilogy and Marcus was intended as the main character.

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