Crank: High Voltage, shock, dazed, WTF, Jimmy

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  1. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    Loved Crank 2, it was exactly what I hoped it was going to be. With a Godzilla fight. I spent the entire time with a huge grin on my face. My friend sitting next to me in the theater pretty much had the same reaction as you did, at the end he just asked “What did I just watch?”. He loved it too (I think we were joking a good sequel would be a prequel thing about Chev as a kid).

    Also managed to catch State of Play, which was very good. Engrossing story with excellent acting from all the players. Interestingly enough, it’s a movie that would have benefited from more Affleck, since his character is made to be really important to the story, but he doesn’t seem to actually appear in it too often.

  2. Nate

    Great comic today. Haven’t seen Crank: High Voltage yet, but it seems very lonely toons like Shoot’em Up and the first Crank

  3. mister_e_s

    Oh man, Crank 2 Just takes the ridiculous levels set by the first Crank and thencracked them to 11. If they somehow crack out another Crank movie, I think I’m in for it, no matter what the premise. Chev Chelios could have a bomb strapped to him set to go off is he moves any less than 50 mph and I’d still watch it.

    • Tom

      Speaking of Chev running 50 mph, did anyone else find it funny that after he first juiced his heart with an electrical charge he could run SUPERFAST!!!

  4. BReal

    Yep – that’s exactly my response too – WTF. It definitely reminded me of Shoot’em Up…however, while I came out of Shoot’em Up going “Man that was just pure win…the carrot is the new crowbar.”, I wasn’t able to come away from Crank with anything other than ” Man that was f-ed up.”

  5. Abbey

    I agree with BReal. The movie had too much WTF moments it reminded me and my boyfriend of Shoot ’em Up. Hahaha. I haven’t seen the first Crank movie but we will this Saturday. The opening credits of the movie along with the diagram of which organs to take from Chev’s body was just hilarious.

    Intense, it was, indeed. But it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. Especially when they did a live show on the race track. Haha.

    Does this mean my boyfriend and I are not normal?

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