Jimmy, chip on your shoulder, fight, knife, broken bottle, cops, arresst, kissing

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  1. musicalfingers

    I love the effect of the sun in the last panel. Plus, who knew Jimmy had muscles?

    BTW, I read enough on the message boards of IMDB about Coraline to answer my curiosity. Apparently it’s very very creepy and I won’t be seeing it….

  2. Jullian Esconde
    Jullian Esconde

    Jimmy..? With the ladies?? who would have thought? haha.. nice.. cant wait for the next one.. oh and about lack of movie seeing.. i recommend Caroline… (in 3d if possible) its just really well done.. and the story is much much more than the trailer lets on..

  3. TheDudeAbides

    A lack of comedy or a little drama in the comic is totally fine, just don’t go all Ctrl Alt Del on us and have some horrible tragedy take over the comic for the next month.

    • Tom

      Oh, goodness, no. I could never dive that deeply into melodrama. I think I might be able to slide a joke into Wednesday comic, but Friday’s strip is another big reveal that has more narrative impact than comedic impact.

  4. TheDudeAbides

    On the topic of the actual comic, in the first two panels all I could think when I looked at Jimmy was Mutt Williams. LABEOUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    This is getting very interesting. I wonder what he did to screw himself up?

    (Goes off to contemplate all possible scenarios, some more insane than others)

    btw, I like how you put the comments down below the comic. 😀

  6. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    Sorry for the double post, but I’m thinking the “And I was careless with the hearts of others” line must be a clue.

    (Goes off to ponder more)

    • Tom

      You’re on the right track, Link the Zora! Stay tuned Friday for the big reveal!

      BTW – Glad you like the comments addition. Keep posting!

  7. Bren

    Psst… you and Cami “deluded” not “diluted” yourselves into thinking you could catch the late show.

    • Tom

      Uhhh… by “diluted,” I mean that Cami and I had soaked ourselves in margaritas?

  8. Kieran

    Gosh Tom you sure are experimenting with the tried and tested formula lately! I can’t wait to see how Jimmy goes from being Brando to Victor’s bitch! 😀

  9. Matt

    I think Jimmy walked in on a girl in the washroom while she was doing her business. I mean it would tie in line with the whole guys choosing to ignore that women do that sort of thing.

    Or at least thats what I think.

    Anyways, I seen Coraline on Friday, it’s sufficiently creepy for me and I think most people in the theatre were saying “What the heck”. One of those movies that would be infinately better if you were on some sort of psychotropic drug.

  10. Link the Zora
    Link the Zora

    I dunno, Matt. If Tom did that to Cami, I doubt it would do nothing but cause him to get the boot by Cami.

    I’m probably leaning too much into the drama. That may be exactly what happened and poor Jimmy’s regretting it.

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