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  1. Stefan

    “I mean, stop-motion in 3D – has that been done before?” Disney has been re-releasing The Nightmare Before Christmas every year for the past couple of years, so there’s that.

    And the reviews have also been made me keen on seeing Caroline. I’m quite the animation buff and I’ve enjoyed Henry Selick’s previous animated films, so this definitely seems up my alley.

  2. Showtyme

    Well, I was born in 1984 and got the Pee Wee reference… It’s only one of the most quality movies ever…

  3. Cody

    I’m okay with the “The Wild One” reference, just as long as you reference that other Brando classic “Last Tango In Paris.” I don’t want to see Jimmy’s jimmy.

  4. Joseph

    I actually just picked up The Wild One from the library. Perfect timing. 🙂

  5. Manda

    I’ve actually been really excited to see “Coraline” since I heard about it, and when I saw that Entertainment Weekly gave it an A, I decided that I HAD to go see it. Push looks interesting too, but I’ll probably wait for DVD for that one.
    Oh! BTW: have you heard about the movie Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov are producing called 9?” You can check it out here
    . It’s CGI but looks a lot like stop motion. It looks amazing, and since we’re discussing “Coraline” I though I’d bring it up.

  6. Tom


    To be fair, The Nightmare Before Christmas was not *filmed* in 3D. It’s an application they’ve applied to the print since it’s release.


    Glad you got the reference. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was released in ’85, I think. So I figured you had to be of a certain age to have fallen in love with it.


    There will NOT be any Last Tango in Paris references. Old, naked Brando? Yeechh.


    I have heard of 9, but I don’t know what to think of it yet. Bekmambetov is like the Russian Michael Bay to me. I’m skeptical of how his style will mesh with someone like Burton who is a bit more poetic and mystical. I suppose they share a sense of the macabre. Maybe it’s a good fit?

  7. musicalfingers

    Seeing Jimmy on a motorcycle in leather is like if I saw my dad on a motorcycle in leather….DOES…NOT…COMPUTE!! I’m curious…

    Oh, and go see Coraline so you can tell me if I’m right in my Stepford assumption!

  8. Mat

    I think this is my favorite strip you’ve done in a while.
    It made my morning.

  9. Tom


    Thanks for your compliment. I really appreciate it! It made *my* day! 🙂

  10. Orpheus

    So Jimmy went through his “Wild One” phase in the late ’90s/early 2000’s? That was probably awkward for everybody… But yeah, I enjoyed this one. Wouldn’t mind seeing you do more like it soon!

    On the topic of “9”, I hate to pigeonhole it as video-gamey, but it seriously looks like Fallout-meets-Little Big Planet. Still, it looks like the kind of thing I might enjoy.

  11. Jackson

    The juxtaposition of the realistic photo-esque art with Jimmy’s cartoony face is absolutely ludicrous, and it made me laugh out loud. Nicely done, Tom.

  12. Jesse Kiefer

    Loved the wild one reference, R.I.P. Marlon B., it made my day.

  13. mechacaro

    Coraline did use stop motion. I’ve seen slideshows of pictures of all the various “puppets” and their heads (for the different facial expressions), the sets, etc. The puppets are used for most shots, and then CGI some inbetween stuff so that it doesn’t take as long as an entirely stop motion only project.

    Since I never seem to comment on the comics…
    The page peel is cool, and I am wildly curious about Jimmy’s mysterious past! Definate bonus points for the Pee-Wee reference.

  14. Lisa

    Actually, Manda, Coraline IS stop-motion. I couldn’t believe it myself actually, but Henry Selick said so in a sneak preview of Coraline. I thought it was CGI at first, but nope. I’m pretty amazed at how good Coraline looks for a stop-motion.
    I want to see the film as my little sister brought home the book once and it looked interesting so I read it. I was surprised at how great it was for a children’s story. Hopefully, the film will be just as good.
    Anyways, I LOVE today’s comic, Tom 😀
    It’s great.

  15. Khoryos

    So you weren’t excited for Coraline from the minute you heard about it?
    Were you not a Mirrormask fan?

    • Tom


      I’m not an ardent follower of Gaiman. I really didn’t even know Coraline was his until a few weeks ago!

  16. David

    just saw Coraline, unfortunately NOT in 3D (screw you Pittsburgh!). even still, it was an amazing movie. and its amazing how it smooth it is. some computers definitely got in there to clean it up, but even still, it shows how good a job Selick did at directing and how skilled the animation team. do not miss Coraline. see it! you won’t regret it.

  17. knightofbob

    I got the Pee-Wee reference, and I was born in ’83. I’m also a Burton fan, though, so I guess I don’t count. Have fun with what you will, I guess. As far as the Gaiman thing goes, I liked Stardust. So, you know, whatever.

  18. doug

    i saw push tonight, it was pretty good. a little long, but it could’ve been that i was sleepy.
    i have to drive 40 minutes to a nearby town this week if i’m to see coraline in 3d.
    since i had my 8 eye surgeries to regain my vision, i see every 3d movie i can find. i even saw the one about astronaut flies! i saw monster house 5 times (partly because of the 3d and partly because it was an awesome story.)

    • Tom

      Monster House *IS* the bomb.

  19. Matt

    I went and seen Coraline on Friday with my wife and some friends.

    It was definatly a good movie and I think it was worthy of the praise, it’s dark twisted and macabre. Definately not for the wee ones though thats for sure.

    P.S- Love the MB reference Tom, good choice

  20. Chris C.

    Tom, I have to insist that you see Coraline in the theater in 3D if you love stop motion animation. They really make good use of the technology and the film itself is just such an amazing trip visually. Trust me, it’s weird but it’s a very cool weird. We’re going to go see it again this week just so I can try to soak up some more of the visuals that I’m sure I missed the first time through.

    • Tom

      I’ve heard nothing but enthusiastic praise for Coraline. I want to see it – especially in 3D – but I think I hardwired myself into thinking I need to see Push first. I don’t know where that comes from?…

  21. James Tracy
    James Tracy

    Dude! You Totally traced that picture! heh heh heh

    • Tom

      Well, I was making a very specific reference. I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

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