Hey, guys. Sorry – no big blog post today. I stayed up late Saturday night getting a comic ready for later this week since I will be out of town for a few days on a business trip.

I’ll try to come back and write some more tonight. But between packing and our weekly broadcast of The Triple Feature talk cast tonight at 9:00 PM CST, I probably won’t have time. So check out the show tonight if you want my opinions on this week’s big release – Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. I’m sure Joe and Gordon will have opinions, too. “PING!”

I know my sketch of Harry sucks gillyweed, but I think I can get a pass on my Snape. He’s the most interesting character in the series to me anyway. I don’t care if they’re drawing back his screen time from movie to movie. Alan Rickman should have his own reality show where he reads the phone book or the menu at Chinese take-out places. I could listen to him talk for hours.

I might be able to drop more of a note once I’m holed up in my hotel room after all-day meetings, bored out of my skull and missing Cami and Henry terribly. But for now, this is what I can spare.

Apologies for the lack of content. Hopefully thing will level out soon!

↓ Transcript
Now, Harry - I will teach you the most potent spell there is.

Box Office Giganticus.