I suppose if I took time to think about it, I should have done a comic to commemorate that today is Friday the 13th. But who needs a bummer like that? Screw superstition, right?

I don’t think today’s comic says anything intelligent about Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, but I’m not losing sleep over it. I wanted to do something vaguely self-aware and very much over the top and hammy. I’m typically not very good at coming up with cut away jokes like the one in the third panel, but I saw the “Glue Eaters! UNITE!” poster design in my head and I had to run with it.

Did you guys see that The Order of The Phoenix did something like $12 million in box office just from Tuesday’s midnight showings alone? That’s something like $5,000 per screen – which is a pretty amazing figure. You’ve probably already seen that the movie broke the record with the best Wednesday debut ever – $44 million in one day (that’s including the midnight showings.)

This film is going to be huge this weekend. I think the fan base has been whipped into a frenzy with the impending release of the seventh (and possibly last) book in the Harry Potter franchise in two weeks. Anything with Harry Potter on it is going to get people excited. Whether or not the movie is any good artistically, more or less faithful to the book or anything else measurable against the other films, I predict it’s going to be the most profitable due to it’s proximity to the final book.

I’m sure when they get around to making the sixth and seventh movies, people will still come out in droves to see it. But not like they will for Order of The Phoenix. That’s my theory, anyway.

For what it’s worth, yes, I did eat glue as a tot. Hey! It’s non-toxic! Goodness knows what was going through my mind or why I thought this was a sufficient meal replacement. Maybe it’s because the cap looked like a piece of candy corn. Regardless, I credit off the wall comics like these to the good people at Elmer’s.

Elmer’s – Rewarding America’s youth with creative powers since 1947. Seriously, what’s in that stuff?

(man, a lot of real-life stuff has worked it’s way into the comics this week)

Not much else to say except I’ve had a hellish week at work and it’s not over yet. I probably have to go into the office over the weekend, which is never fun. So think of me while you’re having picnics with your family and riding in hot air balloons this weekend.

Thanks for letting me indulge my silliness with today’s comic. I needed the release.

See you Monday!

↓ Transcript
Another Harry Potter movie? If I see one more Quidditch match, I’m going to tear my hair out!

This one is different, sir! Harry leads a student rebellion!

What’s that you say, random child dressed as Harry Potter?

Political dissidence, eh? Now you have my attention!

You know I once led a student rebellion when I was in grade school!

Just back away from the highly delusional man, Eddie. Just back away.