A couple of you have written in asking me what I thought about Just Like Heaven. I suppose I ∗did∗ mention I was going to see it Sunday. After a whole week of jokes about the movie, I probably owe you something, right?

I thought it was a very servicable film and did a pretty good job not overplaying its hand. For example, Mark Ruffalo’s character lost his wife a few years ago. It’s what colors his outlook, but they don’t hammer this point home so you realize “HE’S SAD! HE’S SAD! HE’S SAD!” Instead, they let the actors do their work and they craft the character very well. It’s very economical movie making in that respect. Both Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon are incredibly likeable and have great chemistry.

I don’t know if there was ever a point in the film that made me laugh out loud or feel like I was on the very of crying. It’s cloy, sure. But like I said, it doesn’t over do it. Instead you’re left with something very pleasant. When all was said and done, I enjoyed it.

I was kind of surprised that Jon Heder wasn’t in it as much as the trailers led you to believe. He pretty much makes an appearance at the beginning at the film and then pops up for a second at the end. I’m thinking the actress who played Reese Witherspoon’s sister was given more lines.

Most people are going to watch this movie and be a few steps ahead of the action in terms of where Ruffalo’s and Witherspoon’s relationship is going to end up. But it’s a fun, light-hearted diversion that won’t insult you. It’s a fun time.