Can you imagine if the whole world had its contrast thrown out of whack Sin City style? I bet people would be walking around with screaming migraine headaches, that’s for sure.

With the thought of Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City hitting shelves on Tuesday with its release on DVD, I decided to revisit a little visual trick that seemed to impress some people back in May.

It’s not as effective this time around, I realize that. It’s visual paraphrasing at best. I didn’t have time to sit down and do the prep work like I did for the earlier comics. Actually, I just got back from Kansas City after going South to see Rufus Wainright and Ben Folds in concert. The concert was delayed an hour due to the weather and we ended up getting rained on anyway, but it was totally worth it. I have a bunch of pictures from the show that I’ll have to share sometime later.

Apologies for the short blog. I’m just out of words for the moment.

↓ Transcript
So, Tom. I heard Sin City comes out on DVD tomorrow. Are you excited?

Was it true? Would I soon return to the city of booze, babes and bullets? The taste of anticipation was like gun metal in my mouth.

I couldn't wait to go back.

Actually, I heard the version being released on tomorrow is really bare-bones. There won't be a special edition until Christmas.

Patience is a virtue.