I have fallen in love with a man. A wild-eyed man with an ‘fro that cannot be tamed. A grin that makes the Cheshire Cat green with envy. A man who has seen the end of the world and took a Polaroid.


I’m sorry, guys. It’s late and I’m feelin’ kind of loopy. I don’t know why I’m so jazzed about these three new characters I’ve tossed into the mix. Basically, I tried to come up with a strip where Tom was saddled with three slightly deranged wannabe “brothers.” It seemed fitting he would meet them at the bus station. I churned up the names and out spat the rest. I wanna hang out with T-Bear. He looks like he knows how to tell a good story.

I don’t have my eyes on Four Brothers at all. I’ve been burned by director John Singleton too many times. I’m sorry – But you don’t make Boyz n the Hood and then turn around to pump out swill like 2 Fast, 2 Furious. I even did a comic or two about that…

From the look of it, the film is a straight up revenge caper in the vein of some 1970’s Charles Bronson flick. I dunno. Maybe it’s good. I’ve read reviews that say there isn’t a CG shot in the whole thing. No phony explosions or out-of-context wire work. It play authentic and feels fresh as hell because of it.

Funny critics would choose to laud a picture for doing the job it’s designed to do – to economically tell a story with depth and character without relying on the crutch of special effects and A-list actors. But then, we are in the thick of Hollywood Blockbuster Season(tm), are we not? So maybe they’re right.

Some people wrote in expressing concern about my family situation – the illness we’re contending with and whatnot. Let’s say that it’s improved and leave it at that. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and warm wishes. I received some very touching e-mails from people who tell me I worry too much about making sure there’s a comic here waiting for you each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

But that’s the bargain we made, you and I. You’ve given me so much. The least I can do is try to live up to my end of the bargain, right? If the situation changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ll be back later with more. Movie and site related, just so you can prepare yourselves…

↓ Transcript
So in Four Brothers, a woman adopts four "street tuffs" of various racial backgrounds. Sounds nice, but it's kind of an odd plot device...

Cami! I'm insulted! That's very insensitive!

How could you say that in front of my three adopted brothers, Chaz, T-Bear and Terrell?

Tom, I've never seen these people before in my life! Who are they?

I met them at the bus station. They laugh at all my corny jokes and followed me here.

Have fun hanging out with your hobo friends. I'm out of here. Chaz has been leering at me a little too long!



Can we get a sandwich now?