My thanks to The Bros. Porter for this excellent guest strip that made me laugh out loud!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really digging his rendition of my characters. It’s like they put them on a diet! They’re so skinny!

Seriously, though. I really like the emotion they were able to inject into their faces. Lots of really cool, subtle stuff there. Kudos, fellas!

If you want to see more of the Porter’s talent on display, they have their own web comic titled What Happens Next and it’s a hoot. Again, really fun and bright cartoony style and some sharp writing. Keep your eyes on this one, gang!

As you are reading this, I am likely lugging boxes like a whipped mule from my new house into my old house. According to local sooth-sayers, temperatures should be in the mid to high 80’s today. Let’s just hope the humidity stays low. If you’re thinking of me at all today, pray for a cool breeze.

I know a lot of people who are going to the San Diego Comic Con this week and I am pretty jealous. Even if I weren’t moving, I doubt I would be able to go, though. I don’t sell enough t-shirts to afford a plane ticket and a hotel room on the other side of the country. But more power to those who can!

The nadir of my convention experience in 2005 will be the Wizard World convention in Chicago August 4 – 7. And even then I’m splitting the cost of a hotel room with Jared, Zach from Joe and Monkey and Mitch from Nothing Nice to Say. But they’re all good guys and I know they won’t rifle through any of my crap.

I’m really looking forward to Chicago this year because we reserved tables together with a TON of other, cool web comics on Artist Alley. We’re hoping our unified front will help bring a little extra attention to our genre. Strength in numbers, right?

What’s even more cool is that Joe from Digital Pimp Online has his booth right next to mine. So I can look over his shoulder the entire con and try to figure out how he got so damn good at drawing.

No word on which movie we’ll all see together (as has become our informal convention tradition) but it’ll probably be Dukes of Hazard, since that’s what opens that weekend.

That’s about it for now. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another guest strip!

↓ Transcript
Hey, Tom, the theater picked on of your suggestions.

Yeah, which one?

Just a second. I have to go to the bathroom.

Why is there a mound of wood chips where the stalls should be?

I didn't think they would actually do it.