Big-ups to Vic Taplin and Ding for writing a Fantastic Four joke that ∗I∗ wish I would have thought up!

There’s is guest strip numbero dos in a full week of guest strip offerings while I am relocating headquarters to a new house about five minutes away from where I am typing this now.

Thanks to Vic and Ding for their contribution. I got a real kick out of their comic.

Hey! It just occurred to me that maybe YOU should thank Vic and Ding for their help this week by visiting their web comic! It’s called Blues and Twos and they’re just getting it off the ground. But bookmark it now so you can check it out later. I think their efforts today prove that what they have cooking will be good!

I didn’t have a chance to see Fantastic Four this weekend, but I was very impressed by it’s $50+ take at the box office this weekend. You have to assume that the aggressive marketing campaign had a lot to do with it. The reviews have certainly been less than kind. But with an opening that strong, a sequel will surely happen. Maybe they can find a different director and tweak the problems that so many have been grousing about. I’m eager to see it, but keep my expectations cautiously reserved.

The movie I’m REALLY looking forward to this week is Wedding Crashers. From everything I’ve heard, the dialogue is whip smart and Vince Vaughn knocks it out of the park. This seems to be a role written specifically for the charming schemer persona he’s been grooming since Swingers.

But I imagine there will be plenty of time to discuss the film in the next coming days. I have strips lined up every day until Sunday, so be sure to come back for more!

↓ Transcript
Look my droogs! It's Tom Brazelton!

Can't be. This is the Fantasti 4 premiere, he'd be in costume.

Gimme a second...


If only Cami were here to see what a muppet she married.

Don't worry. I am.