I just realized in my previous post that the link that I ∗thought∗ was taking you to the eBay auction for the artwork used in last Friday’s strip actually just took you to… last Friday’s strip.

So here’s a new link!

There are less than 3 days for you to get this ORIGINAL piece of Theater Hopper artwork. I’d really love to see some frenzied bidding on this one because it is my intention to use the profits to help pay my way to the Kansas City Planet Comicon comic book convention this coming April 2-3.

I also have ambitions to film not only my appearance at this convention, but two other Midwest conventions I plan on attending this summer in hopes to assemble the footage and create a NEW documentary to sell by the end of the year. My good friend Jared is the director and we’re hoping to capture the experience of the convention circuit and give everyone a little behind-the-scenes understanding of this facet of Theater Hopper’s grassroots promotion efforts!

So, yeah. Keep bidding so we can get off on the right foot!