I know I’m going a little blog-crazy today, but I don’t care.


After both kicking ass AND taking names with his month-long stint on Joe and Monkey, web comics own versatile rock star has emerged from seclusion and returned to the comic that made him famous – Nothing Nice to Say!

Reading about Mitch’s return in a blog Zach left over at JaM got me giddy when he talked about Carrington’s blog site and a potential rumor that he would be restarting Movie Punks.

Well, that turned out not to be true. Carrington still has it on the back-burner. But the prospect of a POTENTIAL return still has me giddy. I was thinking back to the time when the four of us met each other for the first time back in October 2003 at the Minneapolis FallCon. How cool would it be if we could repeat that event in 2005? Come back two years later… a little older, a little wiser, a little fatter and swap notes. It would be tres cool!

Looks like that old 2003 commemorative poster isn’t as obsolete as we once thought! It can live again!