How’s THAT for a reversal?

Here I had you thinking that Jared was the one going mental, but it turns out it was Jimmy! Well, in Tom’s dream at least. But maybe Jared got to him? Put some thoughts in his head? It’s certainly a possibility. Maybe that question will be answered in the mini trade paperback I’m putting together that collects this arc. Yea… I’m thinking there might be a bonus comic inserted between this comic and Wednesday’s comic that might address that very issue…

Oh, by the way, if you want to see a sketch of Tom with a knife stuck in his back, you can view it by voting for Theater Hopper at buzzComix. Click here to see it.

The sketch isn’t all that good because I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the comic yesterday. About an hour and a half when I came home from work and then another hour or so before I went to bed. For the curious, I was out helping someone celebrate a birthday. I think the comic suffered a little bit, which I’m dissapointed with. Some of the perspective is off.

At any rate, I hope you’re enjoying the story arc. Can you believe it’s gone on now for almost a month? Crazy. Hopefully Tom’s little nightmare will be a nice little cliffhanger whetting your appetites for more. WHETTING, I SAY!

So what’s in theaters this weekend? After what seems like forever, Shaun of the Dead drops stateside. I guess it was mega-popular in the UK. People were constantly sending me e-mails about it from over there a few months ago. “Why aren’t you talking about Shaun of the Dead? You need to do a comic about Shaun of the Dead!” Well, we’re just now getting it, so hold your horses.

From where I sit, the movie looks pretty unique. A love story that spoofs zombie movies at the same time? Interesting. My only concern is will I be able to tell the zombies apart from the non-infected British cast? They’re a pale sort, that’s for sure. I might need to bring a scorecard.

Ahhhh, I’m just pulling your leg, you limeys! All in good fun! Seriously, I’m just playin’…

The only other movie I’m half-curious to see is John Waters A Dirty Shame. It’s a sex comedy with Tracy Ullman and Johnny Knoxville.

Wow. I never thought I would ever write a sentence like that in my life.

This is the brilliance of John Waters, though. Right now he’s forcing movie reviewers around the globe to write the same head-scratching synopsis.

The movie is rated NC-17, which isn’t surprising if you’re familiar with Waters’ past work pushing the boundaries of good taste. Of course this rating instantly motivates me to see it more. What’s all the hub-bub about? All I know is that the normally rail-thin Selma Blair is sporting a pair of giant, fake boobs through the whole picture. I think she plays a stripper, or something named Caprice Stickles. Classic.

The next trick will be finding a theater in good ol’ conservative Iowa that’ll play an NC-17 movie.

Funny story about a John Waters experience I had. I worked at a movie theater tearing tickets back when Serial Mom with Kathleen Turner. We had just closed up all the theaters for that afternoon’s matinee’s when this woman and her 8 year-old daughter come storming out of Serial Mom. She immediately demands to speak with a manager to complain about the movie. “How could you show this kind of filth in your theaters?” and what not. “My child should not have to watch this kind of garbage!”

Our manager gave it to her straight: First, it’s a John Waters movie. If you’re familiar with the history of cinema at all, you’d know he was notorious for filming a 6 foot 2 transvestite eating dog poo on camera. Second, the movie was rated “R”, so it’s your own fault for bring your daughter. Third, the movie is titled SERIAL MOM! Did you hear the title instead of read it and think it was about Frosted Flakes?

Never underestimate the ignorance of the American public.

I’ve been working on a new t-shirt design. It’s my goal to work on the site over the weekend, redesigning the store so I can take pre-orders next Monday. There’s been some buzz about this little fashion item building in the THorum. If you want a shirt, take back some aluminum cans this weekend and be ready to reserve one on Monday!

Everyone have a great weekend!

↓ Transcript
So how are things with Jimmy the helper monkey?

Couldn’t be better! He took Truman for a walk, balanced my checkbook and too that mustard stain out of my favorite shirt!

When are you going to get a clue as to what is going on here?

First he gives you some big sob story to get into your house.

Then he does menial chores to get on your good side!

Next thing you know, he’ll get your same haircut and start sleeping with your wife!

You’re being paranoid!

Anything I can help you with? LIKE DYING?!