Hey, guys. I hate to bother you with this every month, but the top list over at buzzComix has reset for the month of August. If you’d like to see Theater Hopper in the Top Ten, then don’t forget to vote everyday!

As a reward for lending your support today, you’ll be treated to a sketch of Jared treating himself! How? Click the link, lads and lassies!

Sorry for the over-use of photos in the background of today’s comic, but I was running short on time today. I actually produced TWO comics back-to-back today, but unfortunately, the majority of you won’t see the other one. I’m including it as a Wizard World Chicago exclusive in the Theater Hopper sampler booklets I’m handing out for free at the convention. If I have any copies left, I will likely offer them as donation incentives. The booklets are 20 black and white strips from the site – hand picked by me – plus the sampler bonus. Something to consider for down the road.

I didn’t get a chance to see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle this weekend, mostly because I’m saving my movie-going dollar for when a BRAND NEW 20 SCREEN THEATER opens about 5 minutes from my house this Wednesday.

No one outside of Iowa will give a rat’s ass about this, I realize. But on August 4th, the largest commercial shopping venue in the state will open. Along with that, Century Theaters are opening their first movie house in Iowa. This is a great thing for me, because the majority of theaters are owned by the evil Carmike Cinemas.

20 screens seating anywhere from 150 to 500. REAL butter on the popcorn. No TV commercials before the trailers. For these traits ALONE, the Century 20 has it all over anything Carmike could wish to offer. Plus, it will have that “new theater smell.”

At any rate, I plan on seeing Harold and Kumar, The Village, and Napoleon Dynamite sometime this week. Then, on Friday, when Aliens Vs. Predator opens, I’ll see it there, too.

Bye-bye Wynnsong 16. You really should have done a better job trying to keep me as a customer. I doubt I’ll ever visit you again. Even for nostalgia’s sake.

That’s it for now, but I plan on coming back to talk about some big revelations in web comic circles. Plus, probably reflect on the upcoming Wizard World Comic Convention and my preparation for said event.

Come back soon!

↓ Transcript
By lending their name to the stoner comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the burger franchise has basically communicated “our food is only good for when you’ve got the munchies.”

Even their slogan - “What you crave” - seems to mirror this.

What if we saw this kind of honesty from other companies?

Domino’s Pizza: For when you’ve basically given up on learning how to cook for yourself.

Diet Coke: Go ahead. Keep pretending they’re helping you lose weight.

This is my sixth one today!

Hummer H2: Because no one needs to know you’re impotent.