I would notify you of the new incentive sketch I had drawn to go along with today’s comic, but as of this writing, buzzComix is experiencing some kind of outage. When their site is back up, I’ll let you know when you can check out the new sketch.

Today’s comic kicks off a new four-comic story arc. It revolves around the opening of Central Iowa’s newest theater, The Century 20.

I know that for most of you, the specifics of this announcement impacts you about as greatly as Kirstie Alley announcing she has a new show on cable announcing she’s fat. But I’ve given myself the challenge to make the experience of a new theater opening in a mid-sized metropolitan community relatable. I’ll FIND a way to make you care!

Hey, if I can do three strips in a row taking shots at the Wynnsong 16, I can unlock a method to make The Century 20 interesting! Trust me, the story line will be good.

Incidentally, Microsoft Word suggested “wincing” as a replacement for “Wynnsong.” See?! Even Bill Gates knows they suck!

The opening of The Century 20 coincides with the opening of the new Jordan Creek Town Center literally 5 minutes from my house. It’s Iowa’s largest retail complex ever and they’re expecting 100,000 people to be in attendance when they cut the ribbon on the place.

I, unfortunately, will be at work.

I think the mall will be nice, but a lot of the stores there are aiming for clients with more liquid amounts of cash. They are also targeting people who don’t care if they’re overspending 20 to 30%.

The real boon to me is the new theater. It didn’t dawn on me until Cami pointed it out a month ago, but in order for us to see any movies in the theater, we have to drive at least two towns over. That’s about 20 minutes in the car each way. Not a big deal cuz I like to drive, but it’ll be nice not to have to fight traffic just to see a simple movie. Especially after a late showing.

I’m also excited for The Century 20 because all the other theaters around us have basically given up trying to make your movie-going experience comfortable or even neutral. For the most part, they seem to go out of their way to annoy and inconvenience you.

↓ Transcript
Hey! Check out this flyer we got in the mail! A new movie theater is coming to town just five minutes from us!

WOW! 20 screens, THX sound system, stadium seating, no TV commercials in front of the trailers - even REAL butter on the popcorn! Sounds nice!

Gee, just think of all that luxury. And so close to home, too!


Are you crying?

No, no. I just have something in my eyes.

Like what?

Tears of joy, I think.