So, last week, there was no comic. And this week is more than half way over and… well, here’s the comic.


I’m sorry, you guys. I really am. When I set out to wrap the comic up, I vowed to myself I wasn’t going to become “that guy.” You know the guy. The guy who does 3 comics a week for 8 years, then once a week for a couple of years and then updates comics on a “whenever” basis. I hate that guy and I’m slowly becoming him.

I hate it.

Part of the delay has been life stuff. Things I just can’t get around anymore. Part of it is the complexity of the comics I’m putting together in the home stretch. It’s just not talking heads anymore. And with all the texturing and effects… it’s taking a lot of time.

But I thought of something else this week – something lurking in my subconscious – that I failed to recognize until now.

I’m starting to think that the closer I get to the end of the comic – and believe me, we’re getting very close now – something in my subconscious is making me put things off. I talked about it a little bit on Twitter and a few people wrote me to say “Then don’t end it!” But that’s not the real issue. The comic has to end. I’m just making excuses and getting in my own way.

At any rate, the next comic is a large single panel and will likely be the last appearance of Victor. Having realized the damage that he’s done, Victor is now on the run. Get your hankies out. I’m a little bit sad thinking about it.

Hopefully, it won’t take me nearly two weeks to produce.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone. We’re almost to the finish line.

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