When last we saw Victor, he was in a pretty good place, emotionally speaking. He had let his feelings for Tom be known and Tom let him down easy.

Seeing Cami on his turf, however, stoked competitive feelings in Victor. Feelings, as you can see in this comic, he finally decided to let go of.

For those of you worried that I’m dipping back into melodrama, don’t worry. This is a momentary lapse. But I needed to bring Victor back on the scene to usher in the last act.

I would have like to do more comics about The Avengers, but with only two months to go, I need to move things along a little faster. Jokes will have to be sacrificed for plot progression. Although there will be some call-backs to a few things along the way that I think you guys will find amusing.

Sorry the comic is a little late, by the way. Cami and I had a huge multi-family garage sale over the weekend and it left us wiped out on Sunday. We got rid of a lot of stuff, but we still had to clean up, sort and organize what was left to take to Goodwill. It was over, but it wasn’t really over, y’know? It was a lot of work.

Anyway, a quick announcement to make…


Seeing as there are only a few more weeks of Theater Hopper, I thought it might be fun to give some of you the opportunity to join in the fun.

Theater Hopper has had a long history of guest strips and fan art that has been displayed on the home page. All of these pieces are still available in the archive and I’ve always been proud to share them. So as things wind down, I thought it would be fun to put an open call out for guest strips.

There are very few criteria to participating. Images need to be 525 pixels wide, but can be as lengthy as you want. Keep the subject matter clean. No swearing, no over sexual stuff. Use your best judgement. Beyond that, do what you like.

Send whatever you put together to me at theaterhopper@hotmail.com and I’ll add it to the site. It’ll be a nice way to send things off and you can get your artwork in front of a few thousand people before the curtain call. It’s a win-win.

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail. Or you can write me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m pretty easy to get a hold of.

Thanks for your consideration and for your support. I’m looking forward to what you create!

That’s all for now. See you soon!

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You will be a beautiful mother.