You have to be practical about these things, people. You’re just NOT going to be able to fit cardboard leggings into a closed cardboard suitcase armor. You’re just NOT, okay? Trust me, I’ve tried.

You can get the gauntlets in there. You can get the sleeves and the helmet. But if you want leggings, you’re S.O.L.

Okay, fine. I just wanted to draw another comic with Tom in his underwear. Are you happy?!

I know I promised you guys a review of Iron Man 2, but, well… as you can see… that hasn’t happened yet. There are a couple of reasons why.

First, you guys have been leaving GREAT comments after each of the blogs since Monday. I’ve been reading and I want to participate. But I also don’t want what you guys are saying to color too much of my opinion surrounding the movie.

Second, it’s almost been a week since I’ve seen the film and my memory is shot these days. That’s because I can only retain about 30 seconds of information before I’m dealing with some sort of crisis involving crayons or stained furniture.

To combat this, I’m thinking about seeing Iron Man 2 again this evening. Cami’s cool with it once the kids are asleep. She doesn’t feel a need to see the movie a second time, but I do.

Another reason I want to see Iron Man 2 again is just so I can sit back and appreciate it a little bit more. Maybe let my eye wander and soak in a few of the details. Or – since I know where the action is going be on screen – train my eye to those areas in anticipation so I can download as much information as possible.

Dialogue? Oh, yeah. I guess I’ll listen more closely to some of that, too.

In the meantime, I have several links to keep you busy. A couple of these are a little old and I feel terrible about not informing you sooner.

First things first, I sat in for a round of discussion with The F.I.L.M. Army crew on May 1 to discuss the bumper crop of Summer movies. I had a great time with these guys and they really knew their stuff. Talking with them reminded me of the good times we had recording The Triple Feature. Each of us were pulling weird references out of nowhere and laughing our heads off about it. I’d love to record another show with them in the future. I think they left an offer on the table. I’ll have to take them up on it sometime.

Second, the guys over at TGT Webcomics did an interview with me while I was attending C2E2 last month and recently posted it to their site. I think I did a pretty good job of answering Kurt “VertigoX” Sasso’s questions. But watching the video, one quote kept ringing in my head…

“Suck in the gut, guys – We’re the Ghostbusters?…”

Yeah, I gotta start working out.

THIRDLY, did you know that my good buddy Zach Miller has started producing new Joe and Monkey comics again? Better git while the gittin’s good. Zach is like Haley’s Comet. He comes around once every 76 years. But every time he makes an appearance, he puts on quite a show! Welcome Zach back to webcomics with your patronage, won’t you?

So that’s my good karma for today. I appreciate everyone coming back and checking out the new comic (ON TIME, I might add… *sigh*). I’m bringing the story line to it’s zenith. You should see it wrapping up around this time next week. Until then, more Iron Man goodness to sink your teeth into.

Thanks again for reading the comic and – if you’re so inclined – don’t be afraid to spread the word using those handy social media buttons to the right of the comic. It doesn’t have to be today’s comic. It can be ANY COMIC IN THE ARCHIVE! Pick out a favorite and share it with someone today! Every little bit helps.

Have a great weekend!

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That's a cute trick.

But HALF a costume is STILL a costume.